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by Charise Joy Javonillo 5 years ago I stopped myself from going to an archaeological field school in Peru because I feared I would have a complete nervous breakdown in the Andes. Excavating in a foreign country while every part of my body trembled from obsessive thoughts and unfounded fears spelled imminent disaster. Instead of […]


by Anon I know I’m not the only one that went through this at some point in life: Depression. Depression is dark, powerful, and sometimes inescapable. It’s an epidemic among us that most of us keep silent because we’re afraid to show our peers that we’re weak and vulnerable. After months of whirlwind emotion, a […]

Good Enough

by Emily Vulcano I threw up after most of my meals when I was young, because I had a boyfriend who would say to me, “Really? you’re going to eat THAT?” in the cafeteria. I lost friends after he said they only talked to me because I look like a slut. I walked with my […]


by Milti Symeonoglou Lights shining brightly on you on us make silhouettes of our audience people who may not even be there they are so silent this is our mountaintop there is nothing here but us and the motions words steps all blur together into euphoria but we will remember it so clearly the weight […]

Mirror Mirror

by Simply Bree Mirror mirror on the wall Who is the fairest of them all? I don’t care about their skin tone Their height or their weight I just wanna see the ones Who laugh at their mistakes I wanna know the ones Who can look at their flaws Dismiss the mislabels And call them […]