Dear Chicago

by Mo David Dear Chicago, I have made several adult decisions based solely on convenient parking, so it should come as no surprise that I take my immediate comfort very seriously. Some might say it’s the only thing I take seriously. But I still find much of my life distinctly uncomfortable. This is surely someone … Continue reading Dear Chicago

F Minus

by Neka Barrera “A lot of my adult decisions are based on convenient parking” is what her brother had said yesterday when there was zero convenient parking available and their very adult decision to go shopping for artisanal balsamic vinaigrettes was completely derailed because of it. She’d given this statement a lot of thought since, … Continue reading F Minus

A Still World

by Elise Leibowitz A lot of my adult decisions are based on convenient parking. Bikes have more resting options than cars, you see. We get to finagle our small mass of metal and rubber into spaces that are designated for those creative enough to spy them first. The side of a telephone pole? If your … Continue reading A Still World