Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires

i’ve been dreaming of repairing friendships, and have begun acting out those dreams in my less-chaotic reality. the latest one involved a massive, crowded, noisy stadium. recognizing where i was, suddenly, i sprinted away from that re-connection [i somehow knew who was in that stadium, holding a beer, cheering on the Cubs] and, of course, … Continue reading Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires

Out Late

i walk into the room, he's embracing the mic like a lover passionate, eyes closed, and then my heart races when he looks at me, boyish smile, fitted hat, is he singing to me from onstage? no, there's no way he sees me, but afterwards he walks right up to me envelops me in a … Continue reading Out Late

Chasing Ivory

My blonde phoebe at the time, she fell in love with you openly looking off into the rays coming through the multicolored curtains, imagining deep romances as your fingers flowed across the cracked ivory looking straight at me with emerald eyes, light dancing through your long eyelashes making me blush and glance away. She asked … Continue reading Chasing Ivory