Have You Read It?

Why is it that I get so happy when someone reads a book that I love? Especially when they find it on their own and get so excited about it that they can't wait to tell me bc they just know that I'll love it too.  Image is not mine. 

Frozen Lark

Have you ever experienced that dissonance when you're furiously angry while trying to dampen that anger? You've convinced yourself, logically, that your anger is unfounded and you just need to calm down. How often does that work? This poem was inspired in that moment of chaos (as many poems are). You'll notice (if you stay … Continue reading Frozen Lark

Mask: Part 1

It's become a cliche You know the type Self-centered, blonde, tan, fit, Throw in an accent and what do you get? The "jock," "douche," "insert judgmental stereotype" and how quickly we are to hide behind labels. I'm noticing, though, how hard you're trying every sentence you say is punctuated by a furtive glance to see … Continue reading Mask: Part 1

For the World

The world needs more over-the-top filled to the brim pouring it all in until you explode or don't and that's much worse, isn't it? The world needs your theatric spirit the incensed exclamations the overbearing weight of your disapproval that you hide behind to mask tears. The world needs its one-woman show, its circus attraction, … Continue reading For the World


Frantically trying to remember how To write These are hands? What are they for? They feel empty, unused Has it been __ months already? Intertwine and get tangled So it's hard to let go So we laugh and squeeze tighter So Let me recall how this feels Rough? Soft? Indifferent? Even a slight pressure makes … Continue reading Synonyms.