Sea Turtles

Hi. It’s been a minute since we’ve spoken. How’s it going? As good as it could be, I suppose.  I haven’t been working - yeah, no, it’s okay - I applied for unemployment and I have a few month’s worth of bill money saved up regardless. Not worrying about the financial side of things makes … Continue reading Sea Turtles

Only Seconds

by Jean Henegan I’m not the type to believe in happily ever after or even the concept of true love. Possibly because I’ve never been in love myself, but that’s a topic for therapy rather than this collab. But, for one moment several years ago, I dropped my cynicism toward the concept of love and … Continue reading Only Seconds

A Still World

by Elise Leibowitz A lot of my adult decisions are based on convenient parking. Bikes have more resting options than cars, you see. We get to finagle our small mass of metal and rubber into spaces that are designated for those creative enough to spy them first. The side of a telephone pole? If your … Continue reading A Still World