Writer’s Block

by Anon “You wake up and your shoes don’t fit.” I swirl my latte, watching the cocoa dusting fracture and split. “No, nothing.” Jordan smiles patiently. “Not even a flicker? We just need to ignite an idea.” “Nothing,” I sigh. “Two blueberries fall into your soup.” I shake my head. “You befriend a squirrel in … Continue reading Writer’s Block

Uncanny Irony

by Anon The nearest lodging within 50 miles and literally in BFE. Obnoxious kids were spreading their party into our quiet part of the campground, waking us both. We learned they had a year of college under their belts. The volume of two voices increased to mere feet from the tent. The couple began confessing … Continue reading Uncanny Irony

Security Closet

by Jordan The footage is grainy and the picture unclear. The details of the tiny figure convulsing on screen are difficult to make out, but the writhing agony etched across his face is painfully clear. Our room is silent, but the screams emitting from his grotesquely twisting mouth still reverberate through my bones. His contorted … Continue reading Security Closet

Spare Tire

by Daniel Oliver He tightened the last lug nut, and straightened. His eyes lingered on the spare tire now fastened to its temporary home. It was funny looking; the spare tire. It made no effort to match the other tires. It was uninvolved, uncomplicated, unadorned with shiny rims, and unapologetically itself in every regard. It … Continue reading Spare Tire