by Zev Gold To his deep dismay, it was over as soon as it began. Shattered into a million pieces on the ground, some shards kicked around for good measure. The churning in the pit of his stomach served as a reminder of his folly. A constant reminder. Always present. Whispering into his ear how … Continue reading Kintsugi

The Nexus

by Michael "See that?! That’s really Ed Norton, not Brad Pitt. Dude, they’re really the same!" Townes looked down at the 1000 year old rug, holding his head in his hand, staring holes in the weave. I patted Frank on the back and tried to will him into silence. His shoulders coiled as he bounced. … Continue reading The Nexus


by Nova Don't have much time. Carefully light the fuse and check the length. About ten minutes. Whip out a small piece of wax and plug the head.  Nine minutes.  Enough time to back away to a distance outside of the blast radius, but close enough to see my handiwork.  I run. And stop completely … Continue reading Burn


by Jeff Fleischer “Why did you let that dybbuk in?” Hiram’s mother asked nearly as soon as the man closed the bathroom door. “Shhh.” Hiram looked back to see if the visitor had heard. “Ma, he’s just a repairman. We called him to fix the leaking pipe under the sink, remember?” She’d been forgetting things … Continue reading Dybbuks

The Ninth Wave

by Kat Gilman Rose Waves crashed against the beach, foaming wildly as water hit the sand before receding rapidly, only to return again. The ninth wave, biggest of all the ones preceding it, brought something additional – a limp ragdoll, soaked through and encircled with seaweed, so that only the limbs were visible. Once, this … Continue reading The Ninth Wave

Writer’s Block

by Anon “You wake up and your shoes don’t fit.” I swirl my latte, watching the cocoa dusting fracture and split. “No, nothing.” Jordan smiles patiently. “Not even a flicker? We just need to ignite an idea.” “Nothing,” I sigh. “Two blueberries fall into your soup.” I shake my head. “You befriend a squirrel in … Continue reading Writer’s Block