Leaves, Plants, Awareness.

Turned up towards the sun
pushed to the side by the wind
in competition with everything in their vicinity
forever reaching upward and outward.

Break off the stem, and you’ve got some invisible green blood pouring where gravity pulls it.
Tear it from it’s lifesource and hear microscopic despair emanating from the scalloped edges.

Interlacing fibers and family groupings, year after year.
Greens, browns, reds, purples, yellows.
There is a method to this seeming madness,
there is a strength in this seeming helplessness.
They have endured before us, they have survived during our time.
And yes, they will persevere when we are long gone.
Beauty. Such beauty. Tenderness and life, breathing into our being and filling us with goodness. Appreciation is necessary and required, love is essential. Breathing is continuous, regardless of anyones input, including their own.

Keep plants in your home, and practice deep breathing.


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