Oh man, Anis. [A Tribute to Anis Mojgani]


Mr. Mojgani. Anis. Ah-neice.

I cannot even begin to describe what sort of peace you give me.

Just simply to know that there are writers and poets of your caliber in the world makes me breathe easier, makes me joyous to be living in a world that can harbor so much creation and magic. It makes me smile and sigh and wish that I can be on your level of expression and connection, to be a part of your world of words and images and strength and hope.  Hope in humanity, in life, in the everyday moments that so completely make up the way we look at things and internalize and digest them. How these moments nourish us and sustain us and allow us to move on and chase new moments, new experiences, new somethings.

Listening to your phrases and expressions said with such feeling and depth and meaning…it makes my heart fill up with a plethora of clashing thoughts, emotions, ideas…it makes me nostalgic, happy, and then nostalgic once more, this time tinged with sadness and the memory of forgetting to hold onto what seemed so important at times when all I could think about was the present and a slight petering into the past and future that all combined into one while I simply was. And imagined.

Sometimes your poems and performances are happy and upbeat, and makes your audience laugh with surprised joy at the way you state simple things with quick wit and flippantness, they are hanging on your every word, Anis. They are wishing that the person behind them breathed a little quieter so they could better hear you, Anis. They want to have a conversation with you, they want to be a fly on your wall, they want to absorb your creativity and thoughts and being, until there is a world filled with fucking awesome communication and brilliant verbal choreography. But they can’t do that, Anis. That sort of thing doesn’t happen in real life, only in their minds, their beings, the very reason that they crowd to come to your productions, Anis…they want. They need. They must be reminded of the everydays, the uniqueness, and most importantly of themselves.

And you do that for them. For us. For me.

Thank you so much, man. Thank you.

Check him out:


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