Something Bigger

By Che Guevara

Staring didn’t accomplish much

I’ve started something again
in idea
a modern thought
of infinite
You can now rejoice
for I have began something bigger than you or I
creator of this world and the next
I have bested what the majority
keeps in contemplation
ain’t it something
we intricately vouch
for own egos
became our best amigos –
do you get it?
There is nothing to get
You’ve crossed the finish line
before that 38, screamed
“Run pendejo” –
you looked happy
until I told you the truth.
Witness my claim
due to me just getting in the lane
car with no gas
starts and it’s just enough
to get us stranded
in the idea
that we have actually done something –
the first step is the hardest.
What of the second, though?
What of the third?
What other word
do you have for procrastination
I’m exhausted just from …

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